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Tidal (streaming platform)

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Tidal details

Activity 10 May, 2015 - present
Website: tidal.com
Aliases: None.
Social network: None.
Domain name: Not owned or operated by Prince or NPG Records
Validity: Not owned or operated by Prince or NPG Records
Hosted by: -

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NPG Music Club
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Tidal (stylized as TIDAL, also known as TIDALHiFi) is a subscription-based music streaming service offering lossless audio and high definition music videos with content curated directly by musicians and artists. Tidal is currently owned by Jay Z and a variety of other music artists from multiple genres. It is the first artist-owned music streaming service in the world.

More information about the history and ownership of Tidal can be found here; this article focuses on the unique offerings of Prince using the service.

First steps

Prince began using Tidal to offer unique content in May 2015, six weeks after the service’s artist-heavy public relaunch. In an interview with Fox9 during the recording of Baltimore on 29 April, 2015, Prince talked about the distribution of the song:
"We’re going to talk to Jay-Z and his people about streaming it on ‘Tidal'," he shared with a nod.

The song was instead streamed on a newly-created Prince3EG Soundcloud account, but Prince’s discussions on working with Tidal were already underway. Two days before Prince’s Rally 4 Peace show on 10 May, 2015, in Baltimore, MD, USA, Tidal announced it would live stream 60 minutes of audio from the concert, for free (pre-pay wall). This broadcast included the pre-show DJ set by Dudley D. as well as the first part of the show.

On 21 July, 2015 Tidal began streaming a music video for Baltimore, which was offered exclusively on the platform.

Prince’s partnership with Tidal increased dramatically a few months later.

Further developpments

On 7 August, 2015, Prince’s album Hitnrun Phase One was announced as a Tidal exclusive, and when the album was made available on Tidal on 7 September, 2015, it was accompanied by a significant presence of exclusive material on the platform.

In addition to Hitnrun Phase One, several out-of-print albums were made available, including some NPG Music Club albums that had not previously been available in high definition: The Chocolate Invasion (with a slightly altered tracklist from its initial release in 2004), The Slaughterhouse, Xpectation, C-Note, N.E.W.S., One Nite Alone... and The Truth, as well as the majority of Prince’s main album catalog (which is more widely available through other retailers also).

The NPG Music Club albums for the first time contained the original artwork created for the releases in 2002/3, which in some cases had not been used for the 2004 releases. The War was also made available, and while the artwork given with the track kept the name New Power Generation, the credit given for the track was Prince.

A video section was also launched, including some videos not previously seen other than in a single broadcast: Indifference (previously seen in part during the Yahoo! Live album release party for Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum) and Plectrumelectrum as well as a live version of Plectrumelectrum from 22 February, 2014, Manchester Academy 1, Manchester, England. Baltimore also remained available.

A "Purple Pick of the Week" section was also created, with a presence on the main Tidal homepage. The section was accompanied with the text:
"Stay tuned for Purple Picks - new tracks, exclusives, rarities and more from the vault, curated personally by Prince."


The following exclusive (and previously-unavailable in high definition) content was released through Tidal



Available 7 September, 2015

1 This material was previously available as mp3 downloads, but not previously available on CD or high quality downloads

Available 7 November, 2015

Available 12 December, 2015

Purple Pick of the Week

Available 7 September, 2015

Available 14 September, 2015

Available 21 September, 2015

  • Breathing Underwater - Hiatus Kaiyote (no known Prince input)

Available 28 September, 2015

Available 5 October, 2015 (available 1 October, 2015 without Purple Pick of the Week title)

  • ALWAYS playlist (see below)

Available 12 October, 2015

Available 19 October, 2015

Available 26 October, 2015

Available 2 November, 2015

Available 9 November, 2015

Available 16 November, 2015

Available 23 November, 2015

Available 30 November, 2015

Available 7 December, 2015

Available 14 December, 2015

Available 21 December, 2015

Available 28 December, 2015

Available 4 January, 2016

  • Hair - Graham Central Station (no Prince input, but previously covered by Prince - see Hair)

Available 11 January, 2016

  • Ruff Enuff - Mono Neon (5:39) - previously unavailable; posted initially as instrumental, replaced a few hours later with vocal version

Available 18 January, 2016

Available 25 January, 2016

  • Overcome - Laura Mvula feat. Nile Rodgers (no Prince input)

Available 1 February, 2016

  • Black Muse (Edited Version) (3:15) - previously unavailable

Available 8 February, 2016

Available 15 February, 2016

Available 22 February, 2016

Available 29 February, 2016

Available 7 March 2016

Available 14 March 2016

Available 21 March 2016

Available 28 March 2016

Available 4 April 2016

Available 11 April 2016

  • I’m Only Dreaming - Sidibe (no Prince input)


Music Videos

Available 21 July, 2015

Available 7 September, 2015

Live Videos

Available 7 September, 2015

Available 11 December, 2015

  • Crazy 2 Cool - 21-minute opening from the second show at Le Zenith in Paris, France on 1 June 2014.


Posted 1 October, 2015
"The title of this playlist is ALWAYS, because it always works."

Member Profile

Tidal subscriptions are offered on a monthly basis; pricing is available here. Downloads to play offline are only available within the Tidal program, but files cannot be moved to different programs, and users can only access the files while their subscriptions are active.