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Oui Can Luv

Ouicanluv album.jpg

Album details

Released: 7 November 2015 (12-hour Tidal stream only)
Length: 30:46
Label(s): NPG Records
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA

Charts, Certifications & Awards

This record was not released on the commercial market and therefore not eligible for the charts
This album has not received any certifications in the USA
This album has not received any awards in the USA

Singles released

  • None

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Oui Can Luv is an acoustic album by Andy Allo featuring Prince on acoustic guitar. To date, the album has only been available to stream for 12 hours on the music platform Tidal, with whom Prince has an extensive partnership.

The album includes nine songs; eight are known to be cover versions (including two of Prince’s own songs, I Love U In Me and We Can Funk, revised as Oui Can Luv). Nothing is known about the authorship of the remaining track, False Alarm, so it is treated here as a writing collaboration between Prince and Andy Allo.

The songs on the album mostly come from singer-songwriters:

Prince, of course, had previously released both I Love U In Me (initially as the b-side of The Arms Of Orion in 1989), and We Can Funk (on the Graffiti Bridge album in 1989, although initially recorded in 1986 under that name, following a 1983 recording under the original title We Can Fuck).

Early steps

Andy Allo had previously released alternate versions of some tracks.

A similar acoustic version of Love Is A Losing Game, which had been in Prince’s live repertoire before Andy Allo joined the band, was streamed on Andy Allo’s Facebook page in July 2011, within 24 hours of the announcement of the death of the song’s original singer and writer Amy Winehouse.

Andy Allo had released a solo acoustic version of Waiting In Vain on her website prior to joining Prince’s band in June 2011.

Oui Can Luv, in a similar acoustic take with Prince on acoustic guitar, was available on Andy Allo’s Facebook page in late 2011.

Many of the songs had also made appearances in Prince’s live shows over the years:

Sessions and compiling

The only two musicians believed to appear on the album are Andy Allo on lead and background vocals, and Prince on acoustic guitar, marking this the most stripped-down album in Prince’s catalogue (although The Truth and One Nite Alone... were announced as acoustic albums on guitar and piano respectively, they were more heavily produced with full bands and sound effects on some tracks).

Nothing is known about when the album was recorded, or whether it was recorded in a single day, or over time. It has been announced that the songs were recorded at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA, however. It is likely that the tracks were recorded in 2011-2012 during sessions for Andy Allo’s second studio album Superconductor, but this has not been confirmed.


No other plans have been announced for this album to receive a wider release.

Track listing

This album has not been announced for a download/CD release.

  1. Fast Car (4:10)1
  2. Push And Pull (3:31)2
  3. Love Is A Losing Game (3:06)3
  4. False Alarm (2:49)4
  5. Wild World (2:28)5
  6. I Love U In Me (4:19)6
  7. Waiting In Vain (3:09)7
  8. Oui Can Luv (4:20)6
  9. More Than This (2:59)8


Tidal (12-hour stream only)

1 Written by Tracy Chapman
2 Written by Nikka Costa and Justin Stanley
3 Written by Winehouse
4 Writing credits unknown; assumed to have been written by Prince and Andy Allo
5 Written by Cat Stevens
6 Written by Prince
7 Written by Bob Marley
8 Written by Bryan Ferry


  • Prince - producer (assumed)
  • No credits given

  • No liner notes given.

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Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Trivia

"Prince has also announced that on Saturday, he’ll share a live acoustic performance called OUI CAN LUV recorded at Paisley Park. The performance centers on Andy Allo, with Prince filling in as “special guest guitarist.” OUI CAN LUV will stream exclusively on Tidal from 7:00 p.m. CT Saturday night through 7:00 a.m. CT the following morning. Allo’s 2012 album Superconductor, co-produced by Prince, will also be made available on Tidal to coincide with the OUI CAN LUV stream."
  • To coincide with the stream, Prince performed at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA, on 7 November 2015. His performance followed after a full PA-broadcast of the Oui Can Luv album. The album was the focus of the digital flier for the show:
Ouicanluv promo.jpg
  • In July 2011, Andy Allo posted on her Facebook page an acoustic version of Guitar (titled Guitar (Acoustic), seemingly a rehearsal take of the track, recorded only with Prince and Allo (complete with Prince giving direction to Allo). Interestingly, the meta-data of the track gives the artist credit as "Prince/Allo", and gives an album title of "The L/C". Nothing is known about this project, but it may be a precursor to Oui Can Luv (although Guitar was not included). The artwork embedded in the track also gives the credit "Prince/Allo", while the artwork’s photo is a picture of Prince lifting up Allo’s guitar.

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