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Website details

Activity: 28 June 2013 - 28 March 2016
Website: 3rdeyetunes.com
Aliases: none
Social Network: 3rdEyeGirl Twitter
3rdEyeGirl Facebook
3rdEyeGirl YouTube
  • Creation Date: 28-mar-13
  • Expiration Date: 28-mar-16
Hosted By: Server Central Network

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3rdEye TV
(Web TV)
(Official Website)
3rdEyeGirlTV.png 3rdeye artwork.jpeg
3rdEyeTunes.com was a Prince website launched on 28 June 2013 to serve as retail store solution for 3rdEyeGirl.com, after the domain was created on 28 June 2013. Access to the site was free.

Previously 3rdEyeGirl.com also served music store purposes, until it was completely redesigned and re-coded (in HTML5) before being re-launched on 28 June 2013, unveiling the new "store" facility. It features three main sections: Music, Video and Clothing, although that last feature was never publicly accessible.

At launch, the store contained the full catalog of music and videos previously available via 3rdEyeGirl.com, before it was restricted later on the same day to two songs and four videos. The website remained as such for 47 days, before it became active again, from 14 August 2013 onward.

The site ceased operation on 28 March 2016 (exactly three years after creation of the domain), when the site only displayed the message "The 3EG storefront is officially closed. Thanks for your support over the years. Visit @Prince for future updates." Previous customers could still log into it if they had an account before.


Member profile
  • Access to the website was free. Applicants could register, although it was not necessary to sign in before purchasing items in the store as a guest. Check out facility was available in shopping cart checkout (a direct link to Paypal from cart was also available). Of note: neither the previous membership archive from 3rdEyeGirl.com nor the corresponding customer history, orders and download links were saved.

  • Payments had to be made through Paypal exclusively. Merchant facility sent a receipt email containing a personal link to downloads after payment was secured with the "NPG Records Inc." Paypal account. The link provided could be used up to three times before it expired.

  • Terms Of Services and Privacy Policy were accessible on the website footer.

The below chart lists the whole material released through the website, sorted by type.
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Year Located in Format Item name File name Weight Duration Release date
2013 Music .wav Ain’t Gonna Miss U When U’re Gone PRINCE-Aint-Gonna-Miss-U-When-Ur-Gone.zip 58,8 Mb 6:01 Jun. 28 - onward
2013 Music .wav Extraloveable Reloaded PRINCE-Extraloveable-Reloaded.zip 49,9 Mb 5:02 Jun. 28 - onward
2013 Music .wav Groovy Potential PRINCE-GROOVY-POTENTIAL.zip 68,3 Mb 6:17 Aug. 14 - onward
2013 Music .mp3 Breakfast Can Wait PRINCE-Breakfast-Can-Wait.zip 8,00 Mb 3:56 Aug. 17 - onward
2013 Music .wav Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) rehearsal 3RDEYEGIRL-Something-In-The-Water.zip 84,30 Mb 7:20 Nov. 1 - onward
2013 Music .wav The Breakfast Experience EP PRINCE-The-Breakfast-Experience.zip 236,00 Mb 17:24 Nov. 5 - onward
2013 Music .wav Da Bourgeoisie PRINCE-DA-BOURGEOISIE.zip 32,5 Mb 3:23 Nov. 25 - onward
Year Located in Format Item name File name Weight Duration Release date
2013 Video .mov Screwdriver music video PRINCE-Screwdriver-Live.mov.zip 168,9 Mb 5:40 Jun. 28 - onward
2013 Video .mov Bambi live video PRINCE-Bambi.mov.zip 78,9 Mb 3:21 Jun. 28 - onwards
2013 Video .m4v Live Out Loud music video 3RDEYEGIRL-Live-Out-Loud.m4v.zip 193,1 Mb 3:40 Jun. 28 - onward
2013 Video .mov Guitar music video PRINCE-Guitar.mov.zip 91,2 Mb 3:44 Jun. 28 - onward
2013 Video .m4v I Like It There 3RDEYEGIRL-I-Like-It-There-The-Breakfast-Experience.zip 387,80 Mb 5:29 Oct. 22 - onward

Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Trivia

  • Digital audio file prices are sold at $0,88 while digital video files are sold at $1,77.

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