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2013: Screwdriver (Lyrics) Music Videos
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Screwdriver (Live)

Screwdriver (Live) music video selected snapshots

Music Video details

First aired: 10 February 2013
Producer(s): Prince (assumed)
Director: Prince (assumed)
Related home video/DVD: and
First (Commercially) Released: 10 February 2013 (Film version)
15 February 2013 (Live-only version)


Date Institution, Country Award
This music video has not received any awards in the USA

Screwdriver (Live), also known as Screwdriver Film or Screwdriver Music Video, is a Prince video released to promote the single. It was made available as a downloadable video on both and, Prince's official websites at that time. This live rendition was released twice in different edits : as a 8-minute film first, re-edited with the 5-minute live performance only.

The live performance was recorded (with only two cameras) in December 2013 at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, Minnesota, on the same day as the shooting of a live rendition/rehearsal take of Bambi posted on 3rdEyeGirl’s Youtube account on 31 Decembre 2012. Additional scenes were shot on 2 February 2013 with dancers. Prince and 3rdEyeGirl played a short set for them after the recording. Scenes with 3rdEyeGirl, Joshua Welton, Trevor Guy and Chris James were also shot around the same time (as was a video for Live Out Loud, a non-album track by 3rdEyeGirl), if not on the same day.

On 10 February 2013, the Screwdriver film was uploaded on and right after the 55th Grammy Awards ceremony (where Prince, wearing the same outfit as in the video, presented an award, ). The film version is 8 minutes long and starts with the 3rdEyeGirl, Trevor Guy and Chris James arriving at Paisley Park Studios to join Joshua Welton. In the atrium, Donna is intrigued by something or someone she thinks she saw, but nothing is revealed. Hannah and Joshua discuss the relevance of the line A girl, with a guitar is twelve times better than another crazy band of boys from a song called Fixurlifeup that Hannah said she wrote. After a discussion about what men can do and what girls can’t do, the boys leave the room challenging them to achieve something. A door opens, and Prince’s silhouette appears and orders, in his Prince-ly way, the 3rdEyeGirl to join him. The straightforward live version of Screwdriver (shot in black and white, like all the other scenes) begins. The performance is interspersed with dancers doing the Screwdriver dance.

For unknown reason and with no announcement, this film was replaced on 15 February 2013 both websites by a re-edited version labelled Screwdriver music video (the name of the file was Live_Screwdriver_Video while the first version was named SCREWDRIVER LIVE MOVIE). This new edit is 3 minutes shorter, skipping the introduction and starting directly with the live performance. Interestingly, the footage with the dancers were also discarded and replaced by cue cards:

  • in which direction does time fl o w?
  • Back 2 the future or leave it all behind?
  • which direction r u reading this sentence?
  • go back and read it again.
  • which direction do racecar divers go?
  • do u like ur bands tight or l o o s e?
  • what if it’s around ur finger?
  • when u dance do ur knees touch?
  • or do u dance like Elaine from Seinfeld?
  • tighten up a screw in a fixed position.
  • why r leftovers only hot in the middle?
  • ask ur microwave.
  • which direction does the world go round?
  • which direction do u turn a knob down?
  • go back and read it again.
  • Is it possible 2 have 2 much fun?
  • what if it brings us all back 2
  • ONE

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
December 2012 Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA Live performance
2 February 2013 Paisley Park, Chanhassen, MN, USA Additional scenes

Released Versions
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Screwdriver Film 8:04 and Film version With full introduction, dialogues, live performance and dancers
Screwdriver Live 5:16 and Live performance only Interspersed with messages

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