NPG Ahdio Show 9

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NPG Ahdio Show # 9

NPG Music Club download - no official artwork created

Show Details

Released: 15 November 2001
Length: 62:07

NPG Ahdio Show Chronology

NPG Ahdio Show # 8

NPG Ahdio Show # 9

NPG Ahdio Show # 10

NPG Ahdio Show # 9 was released as an mp3 download concurrently with Vavoom, Underneath The Cream, and three fan-made tracks using Contest Song as a basis, Where Are Your Dandelions? by Dana D., How Could I Love You More? by Miles Rivers, and No War by The Muse, as NPG Music Club Edition # 10 (NPG Music Club Edition # 9 did not include an "Ahdio Show", which caused the numbering of editions and "Ahdio Shows" to become out of synch).

Other downloads followed five days later as both audio and video downloads: Live 4 Love (Live), The Undertaker (Live), and We Gon’ Make It Funky (Live) (by Maceo Parker and Prince).

This show includes two previously-unreleased tracks, Jukebox With A Heartbeat and Bay Girl (both tentative titles), neither of which has been released in any other way.

It contains nine unique versions of previously-released tracks; an alternate version of Northside, an alternate version of Willing And Able with a slightly different ending, and seven live tracks, all taken from the 26 March 1993, Radio City Music Hall, New York show, all unavailable elsewhere (Let’s Go Crazy, Kiss, Irresistible Bitch, She’s Always In My Hair, When You Were Mine, Insatiable and Scandalous).

It also contains five previously-released tracks by Prince and associated artists, and two tracks which have no musical input by Prince (Jungle Jazz by Jacob Armen and Real Thing by Tony LeMans). The show ends with a lengthy telephone conversation (although only one side is heard) of a woman convincing another woman not to take an acting role involving nudity. No official artwork is available for this (or any) show.

Track Listing

Timings are not given, as several of the tracks overlap or feature spoken segues in the format of a radio DJ speaking over a song’s introduction. Please note that tracks that are simple edits of other versions are not included in that song’s listing - a track is included in the individual song listing only if it is a remix, live, or other alternate recording.

  1. Rainbow Children - Prince (incorporating comments from "Prince: A Celebration")
  2. Jukebox With A Heartbeat (tentative title) - Prince
  3. The Stick - The Time
  4. Do It All Night - Prince
  5. NPG Ahdio segue
  6. Bay Girl (tentative title) - Prince
  7. Release It - The Time
  8. Jungle Jazz - Jacob Armen
  9. Willing And Able - Prince and the New Power Generation (alternate version)
  10. NPG Ahdio segue
  11. Northside - New Power Generation (alternate version)
  12. NPG Ahdio segue (includes unidentified bass part, possibly improv.)
  13. Real Thing - Tony LeMans
  14. Love On A Blue Train - Sheila E.
  15. Let’s Go Crazy (Live) - Prince and the New Power Generation
  16. Kiss (Live) - Prince and the New Power Generation
  17. Irresistible Bitch (Live) - Prince and the New Power Generation
  18. She’s Always In My Hair (Live) - Prince and the New Power Generation
  19. When You Were Mine (Live) - Prince and the New Power Generation
  20. Insatiable (Live) - Prince and the New Power Generation
  21. Scandalous (Live) - Prince and the New Power Generation
  22. Spoken outro - unidentified voice


  • See individual tracks for musical personnel and production credits.

Quotations and trivia

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