20 August 1983

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 Guesting with
James Brown

20 August 1983
Venue The Beverly Theatre
City, Country Beverly Hills, California, USA
Band Tony Cook (drums), Arthur Dickson (drums), Charles Sherrell (bass) Fred Thomas (bass), Ronald Laster (guitar), Jimmy Nolen (guitar), Jerry Poindexter (keyboards), Joe Collier (trumpet), Hollie Farris (trumpet), St. Clair Pinckney (saxophone), Jaasan Sanford (trumpet), Fred Wesley (trombone), Martha Harvin (vox), Danny Ray (mc) Michael Jackson (vox, also guesting)
Guest(s) Prince (guitar)
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

jam on There Was A Time

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Show Facts
Advertised Start Time/Start time Length Of Performance Attendance/Capacity Ticket Price

10:30 p.m. / ? 5 minutes  ? / 1,385 $ 16.50 / $ 14.50

  • This was a combined show of B.B. King and James Brown.
  • Prince's guest appearance was instigated by Michael Jackson, who was guesting on stage before Prince and told James Brown Prince was also in the house. Prince was then brought to the stage riding piggyback with his bodyguard Big Chick
  • Prince fumbled his performance somewhat playing on a borrowed guitar. Initially having problems to get sound from the instrument. He put the guitar away and proceeded to dance a bit and screaming into the mic, then coaxing the audience with hand gestures to clap their hands on the one. When he exited the scene stage left, Prince clumsily knocked over a lamppost that was put on stage as a prop, but not secured well.
  • A video/DVD release of the performance exists, but it omits Prince's appearance.
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