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3rd annual Minnesota Music Awards

16 May 1983
Venue Carlton Celebrity Room
City, Country Bloomington, MN, USA
Band Prince (vox, guitar), Bobby Z. (drums), Jesse Johnson (bass), Dez Dickerson (guitar), Dr. Fink (keyboards), Morris Day (vox), Vanity (vox), Brenda Bennett (vox), Susan Moonsie (vox) (Together as Vanity 6)
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Show Facts
Start time Length Of Performance Attendance/Capacity Televised

 ? 10 minutes.  ? / 2,150 no

  • Brownmark and Lisa Coleman were absent for the performance. The Time's Jesse Johnson played bass instead of Brownmark. Morris Day and Vanity 6 also guested on stage. Prince dressed in a gold colored suit and started off the song by saying "It's gonna be in C and it's gonna be bad!"
  • Prince, who didn't show up until mid-way through the evening after two of his awards had already been given out, was honored with six awards that night: "Male Vocalist Of The Year", "Best Producer", "Musician Of the Year", "Band of The Year", "Album of the Year (1999)" and "EP/45 of the Year (Little Red Corvette)".
  • The Time received an award in the category "Best R&B/Soul/Ethnic".
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