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 TV Show
Le Grand Journal

14 October 2009
Venue Studios Rive Gauche (Studio 3)
City, Country Paris, France
Band Prince (vox, guitar), Cora Coleman-Dunham (drums), Josh Dunham (bass), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Cassandra O'Neal (keyboards), Shelby J. (vox, electronic snare, tambourine), Liv Warfield (vox, tamborine, cowbell), Elisa Dease (vox, tambourine) (+ four female dancers for Dance 4 Me)
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Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Dance 4 Me
No More Candy 4 U
1999 Arrow.png
I Feel For You Arrow.png aborted
Controversy incl. All Day, All Night chants

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Show Facts
Start Time Length Of Performance Live / Lip Sync First Aired

20:25 Prince segment 15 minutes Live 14 October 2009 Live (Canal+,France)

  • A soundcheck is said to have been performed in the afternoon, although no details are known what was played.
  • Prince started to play Dance 4 Me while the commercials were still being broadcast, therefore about a minute from the performance wasn't broadcast live.
  • Canal+ stopped broadcasting the performance of Controversy before Prince ended his rendition by giving his guitar to a member of the audience.
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