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The One U Wanna C

The One U Wanna C music video selected snapshots

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First aired: 28 September 2008
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Two distinct videos were made for the song The One U Wanna C. The first was created in 2008 to promote the release of Prince and Randee St. Nicholas' 21 Nights book. The second video has its own entry (see here).

The first video for The One U Wanna C was released two days before the 21 Nights book. The song itself was released as a promotional single the previous year and is not a part of the Indigo Nights live album included with the book. Being a simple slide show with visual effects of the pictures found on 21 Nights, it is likely that the song was chosen as a promotional tool mainly for its title.

This version was not uploaded on the Prince YouTube channel by The Prince Estate in 2018 who chose the previously unreleased second version.

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Summer 2008 (assumed) Unknown
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The One U Wanna C 4:13

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