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Marz music video selected snapshots

Music Video details

First aired: 19 January 2015 (YouTube)
Producer(s): JPA Entertainment
Director: n/a
Related home video/DVD: None
First (Commercially) Released: This video is currently not available in retail format.


Date Institution, Country Award
This music video has not received any awards in the USA

Marz was released as a performance video by Warner Bros. Records on 19 January 2015 (with an upload date of 16 January 2015) on their YouTube account, as premiered by the UK newspaper The Guardian.

The video was produced by JPA Entertainment LLC, who also worked on the lyric video for Anotherlove. As with Anotherlove, the video contains footage from Prince & 3rdEyeGirl's Saturday Night Live performance on 1 November 2014, partially obscured by swirling clouds of ink and smoke in various colors. The audio is taken from the studio track.

No other details are known about the making of the video and the level of involvement of Prince in this project.

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
1 November 2014 NBC TV Studios, GE Building (Studio 8H), New York, NY, USA Performance (for Saturday Night Live)
Nov./Dec. 2014 (assumed) JPA Entertainment, Toledo, OH, USA Graphic design and production
  • John Andosca - Producer, graphic designer (assumed)

Broadcasts/streaming (only)
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Marz 1:50 Warner Bros. Records YouTube Account Performance Live footage excerpts from 1 November 2014: Saturday Night Live performance using audio from studio track

Additional Information

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