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Shooting or Planned shooting date: 22 November 1985
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This entry details a planned video for the song Love Or $ (a.k.a ♥ Or $ and Love Or Money). Although this song was never planned for the Parade album, the shooting of a video was scheduled for 22 November 1985 at the Studios de la Victorine in Nice, France. Videos for Girls & Boys and Kiss were also scheduled to be shot on that day.

Much like the Mountains video, Love Or $ was to include the full Revolution band (same line-up as in the America video) performing the song with Prince singing and dancing. Although storyboards for the scenes in the video were created, the shooting never took place. Of the planned three videos, only the one for Girls & Boys was filmed that day.

Plans for the Love Or $ video were quickly abandonned and shooting for Kiss took place a few months later in the USA with a different screenplay.

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Scheduled for 22 November 1985 Studios de la Victorine, Nice, France Planned but never materialized




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