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A Million Days


Unreleased Music Video details

Shooting or Planned shooting date: Mid-September 2004
Producer(s): Information needed
Director: Sanaa Hamri

This entry details an unreleased video for the song A Million Days. The video was directed by Sanaa Hamri and shot on 18 and 19 September 2004 in Los Angeles, Calfornia.

The video has an unclear storyline with the main female character (played by Liza Lena) running away from a hotel in a desperate mood. In her run, she watches a romantic couple and crosses paths with a younger version of her (Natalya Phillips) with her parents. She hops in a limo and goes to a recording studio to meet Prince. Footage of him recording the song alone (guitar, vocals and drums) are inserted throughout the video. When she finally arrives at the studio, Prince is not in the room. He is then seen leaving the building and getting into the same limo that Liza Lena came with.

A single release for A Million Days is not known to have been planned. The disjointed aspect of the video is perhaps due to the fact that it was a part of a projected movie that became 3121 film in which Liza Lena and Natalya Phillips are also featured (although A Million Days was from Musicology and not 3121).

Sanaa Hamri also directed the following videos for Prince: Musicology, Call My Name, Black Sweat, Fury, Guitar (second version) and Fixurlifeup.

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
18 September 2004 Hotel Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA, USA Storyline scenes with the actors
19 September 2004 Unknown recording studio, Los Angeles, CA, USA Prince scenes in the recording studio
  • Prince (assumed)
  • Liza Lena - Coco
  • Natalya Phillips - young Coco
  • Jennifer Gordon - Ava
  • Miguel Coleman
  • Sarah Hyland - mother
  • Brandon Jarrette - father
  • More information needed
  • Sanaa Hamri - director
  • Jonathan Sela - director of photography
  • Devaughn Hughson - first assistant director
  • Saleem - second assistant director
  • Cat - production coordinator
  • Rob Fox - art director
  • Shawn P. Mitchell - visual effect (Dieselfx)
  • Ira Cohen - gaffer
  • Autumn - make-up
  • Leo - VTR playback
Additional Information

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  • On 1 April 2024 the various official social media platforms teased a snippet of the unreleased 'making of' A Million Days video, featuring 28 seconds of the 19 September 2004 footage of Prince in the recording studio

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