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Welcome 2 Australia

Tour Book details

Designer Amelia Tubb border border
Photograph Credits Randee St. Nicholas , Jordan Strauss, Kevin Mazur, Jacob DeKat
Country USA
Printed in 2012
Pages 32
Dimensions 235 x 320 mm
Price AU$ 20
Refers To Welcome 2 Australia Tour


The tour book comprises photographs from 2011, including live shots taken during the Welcome 2 America Euro 2011 Tour and Welcome 2 Canada Tour. It also features new promo shots, presumably from early 2012.

The front and back covers continue to use the design and font previously used for the earlier ‘Welcome 2…’ tour books. The left half of the front cover sets a photograph of Prince, dressed in black and holding a sword, against the white background. The right side is occupied by a silhouette of tour dancer (and 'muse' according to the text in the book), Damaris Lewis. An outline of the Sydney skyline runs along the booklet spine in silver. The title ‘W2AUS’ is printed vertically and centered in black and silver.

Inside, photographs feature Prince and members of the band, both individually and collectively. Some images have been included in previous tour books from the 'Welcome 2...' series. A montage of six images which appeared on pages 22 and 23 of the Welcome 2 America - Euro 2011 tour book now appear on pages 14 and 15. A further set of photographs from the Welcome to Canada tour book (pages 2 and 3, page 9, pages 16 and 17, pages 20 and 21, and page 25) now appear on pages 24 and 25, page 16, pages 2 and 3, pages 22 and 23, and page 17 respectively.

Guitarist, Andy McKee (referred to as 'Mr McKee'), who guested on the tour, is pictured on page 14. DJ Rashida, who accompanied Prince and the band on the tour and played at some after jams, is pictured on page 19.

The inside centre pages (pp 15-16 and 17-18) are unusually made of the same card as the front and back cover, rather than paper.

Lettering throughout the book is in upper case, mostly in black, with occasional letters, words or phrases in purple or silver, and employing a variety of font sizes and weights.

Some introductory text features on page 2, together with Prince’s trademark symbol in silver. The symbol also appears on page 30, with credits for the tour book as well as for the tour organization.

Pages 26-27 feature a double-page spread of lyrics to The Dance Electric. The song title is visible in very large, faint gray lettering against the white background.

No specific concert dates are published in the book.

The back cover is also white, with the same silver Sydney skyline along the spine, but now with the dancer’s black silhouette reversed to face the opposite direction. The name, ‘Prince’, in silver capital lettering is rotated to run along the left margin, and the word, ‘Australia’, in the same color, is printed centrally in upper case near the bottom of the cover.

The copyright on the back cover is credited as © 2012 NPG Records.

Additional Information

'Misbinding' The first print run, sold in Sydney on 11 May, 2012, had incorrectly swapped the front and back cover images. As soon as the mistake was discovered, the print run was withdrawn from merchandise stalls, but not before a number of the tour books had already been sold.
Finish The copies sold at concert venues have a mate finish cover while the copies sold on the official merchandise website have a glossy finish cover.
Binding Staples (two external)

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