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Prince And The New Power Generation World Tour

Tour Book details

Designer border border
Photograph Credits Jeff Katz, Randee St. Nicholas, Joel Larson
Country England
Printed in 1992
Pages 32
Dimensions 230 x 280 mm
Refers To Diamonds And Pearls Tour


The tour book consists of a mixture of photographs of Prince and tour band members, and is accompanied by various quotations by and about Prince, together with tour credits.

The front cover title reads rotationally, Prince and the New Power Generation, with World Tour beneath, all in silver and red. The front cover image shows a blue head shot of Prince with strings of pearls. The left margin is a bright yellow strip with an embossed silver version of the male/female symbol. Images in the tour book refer back to the most recent album release, Diamonds And Pearls, which was showcased on the tour. These bold colors of blue, yellow, red and silver, together with black, featured prominently in tour stage costumes, and are employed throughout the tour book.

For example, pages 2 and 3, use all of these colors, the inside front cover of the book printing the name Prince in glossy black against a background of matt dark gray. A large inverted sketch of the male/female symbol is treated in the same way in the right margin of page 3, which is dominated by another typical period portrait of Prince, here haphazardly colored red, yellow and blue, and with some lyrics from the song, Diamonds And Pearls, displayed in silver italics. The same dark gray matt and black gloss effect is repeated throughout the book using an image of Prince's face (page 4), symbols (pages 16, 22 and 23), the song lyrics (page 25) and, once again, the name, Prince, on the back cover, but this time in yellow.

Pages frequently use the male/female symbol accompanied sometimes with other sketched symbols either as borders or in margins, again using the theme colors.

Some of the images of tour band members taken by Joel Larson from the Diamonds And Pearls CD booklet are re-used but inverted, although other shots, some posed in stage costumes, are also used, together with images from the music video directed by Randee St Nicholas, Violet The Organgrinder (pages 26 and 27).

The book includes various photographs of tour dancers, Diamond and Pearl, but they receive no name check or mention in the tour credits on page 28. All other band members are credited but there are no photographs of Mayte, any of the horn section, or DJ, William Graves.

Complimentary quotations about Prince are printed throughout the book from Anthony Kiedis, Spike Lee, Mick Jagger, Patti Labelle and Martika. The inside back cover has a final artistic statement from Prince. Each quotation is signed by the contributor.

Additional Information

Printer Hill Shorter Limited, England
Binding Staples (two external)

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