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North Carolina

Northcarolina single.jpg

Single details

Released: 7 December 2012 (accidental early release on

12 December 2012 (USA)

Related album: None
Label(s): Blackgypsy Music
Non-Album track(s):

North Carolina (7:47)
North Carolina (The Hot Sauce Edit)(3:51)
North Carolina (The Tripp Edit) (3:57)

Charts, Certifications & Awards

This single has not charted in the USA or elsewhere
This single has not received any certifications in the USA or elsewhere
This single has not received any awards in the USA or elsewhere

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North Carolina was the first solo single by Shelby J. on her label Blackgypsy Music, and was planned as the first single from her album Just Shelby, initially announced for Spring 2013, but indefinitely delayed and canceled for unknown reasons (her first solo album, 10, was released in 2017 and did not contain North Carolina or any input by Prince).

The single was released digitally in the USA on 12 December 2012. The artwork also makes mention of co-vocalist Anthony Hamilton, although the single is listed with the artist credit Shelby J.

A CD single was sold in 2013 (beginning with the New Power Generation show on 22 August 2013, New York City Winery, New York, NY, USA). The single includes 3 versions of the track North Carolina, which features Prince on guitar and as the track’s co-writer and producer.

The digital single was briefly available with alternate artwork on CDBaby on 7 December 2012, but was removed. This early release was likely an error, since the single had been announced with a release date of 12 December 2012. The change in artwork has not been explained, although the original cover image (posted below) resulted in some critical comments on Shelby J.’s Facebook page and elsewhere.

Track listing
Digital Platform(s)

1. North Carolina (7:47)

  • Cat #: USA:

B00AMXYW90 (Amazon)
887516092206 (CDBaby)

  • Americas
Amazon: USA

  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.

Other Formats

1. North Carolina (Full version) (7:47)
2. North Carolina (The Hot Sauce Edit) (3:51)
3. North Carolina (The Tripp Edit) (3:57)

  • Cat #: USA: 8-84501-96872-0

7", 12", CD, Cassettes and Other versions
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

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Variants, Special Editions and Reissues
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

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Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Triva

  • Shelby J. premiered the track during a 2-hour radio show she hosted on North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University’s WNAA 90.1 FM on 6 December 2012, announcing its release the following week as a single.
  • Shelby J. posted a link to to promote her single on her Facebook page on the day of release.
  • Artwork as posted on during initial accidental release:
Northcarolina single alt.jpg

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