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Promotional Samplers

This section presents all promotional-only samplers issued by Prince and/or SymbolSmallerBlue.png, regardless of format or variant. The section only includes promotional samplers that have not been made available as retail promotion items.

Samplers that were issued by Warner Bros. in one country to promote a single, an album or live shows are not classified as promotional samplers but promotion retail items, unless they contain unreleased material. You'll find details of these in their album or single corresponding pages.

What is a promotional sampler?

A promotional sampler is a cassette containing samples of previously unreleased material, made for promotional purposes. Samplers are most often pressed in very limited quantities by Prince/NPG Records and are handed at concerts or private events in order to serve a promotional purpose.

1995 1995 1995 1995 1998 2000
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NPG Records
Sampler Experience
NPG Records
Sampler #2
The Versace Experience
(Prelude 2 Gold)

Released commercially in 2019
The Good Life
Exodus Sampler Experience
NPG Sampler Man 'O' War (Remix)
(Nine Deep Trax)

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