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NPG Records Sampler (1998)

NPGsampler98 tape.png

Sampler details

Released: 11 April 1998 (handed out to attendees of the show given at The Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USA)
Length: 22:57
Label(s): NPG Records

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Newpowersoul album.jpg Come2myhouse album.jpg
NPG Records Sampler is a promotional cassette that was given out in 1998 to promote the upcoming releases of The NPG’s Newpower Soul, Chaka Khan’s Come 2 My House and Graham Central Station‘s GCS 2000 albums.

Unlike the previous samplers, this cassette came with no artwork and track list and doesn’t have a title. It is often referred to as “NPG Sampler ‘98” or “NPG Records Sampler ‘98”. The tape was handed out to some attendees at the aftershow Prince gave on 11 April 1998 at The Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USA.

All of the 14 tracks have been released but the tape contains 10 versions (edits or excerpts of alternate versions) that were not available anywhere else: Mad Sex, Push It Up, The One, Spoon and The Drama appear in edited versions as well as edited versions of alternate mixes of We’ve Been Waiting ‘98 (early title for GCS 2000) and EyeBlue.pngJust Found Somebody 2 Love. Excerpts (one-minute samples) of early mixes of This Crazy Life Of Mine and Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart are also included. Groove On is edited and contains a promotional announcement by Larry Graham for the Newpower Soul, Come 2 My House and GCS 2000 albums.

Track listing

A side

  1. Free (Excerpt) - (1:47) - Graham Central Station
  2. This Crazy Life Of Mine (1:41) 1 - Chaka Khan
  3. Push It Up (2:21) 2 - The NPG
  4. U Move Me (Excerpt) (1:17) - Graham Central Station
  5. Spoon (1:32) 2 - Chaka Khan
  6. Mad Sex (1:33) 2 - The NPG
  7. We’ve Been Waiting ‘98 (1:56) 3 - Graham Central Station

B side

  1. The Drama (1:59) 2 - Chaka Khan
  2. Until U’re In My Arms Again (Excerpt) (1:29) - The NPG
  3. EyeBlue.pngJust Found Somebody 2 Love (1:46) 3 - Graham Central Station
  4. Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart (1:15) 1 - Chaka Khan
  5. Come On (Excerpt) (1:14) - The NPG
  6. The One (1:53) 2 - The NPG
  7. Groove On (1:23) 3 - Graham Central Station


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.

1 Excerpt of an alternate mix
2 Edited version
3 Edited version of an alternate mix

Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

USA Cassette None center center center center
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