Sampler: Man O War (Remix) Nine Deep Trax Sampler

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Man‘O’War (Remix) NPG Records Sampler


Sampler details

Released: Summer 2000 (intended release)
Length: 18:06
Label(s): NPG Records

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Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic
(Unreleased Madhouse album)
Ravein2thejoyfantastic album.jpg 24 1995 album.jpg
Man‘O’War (Remix) NPG Records Sampler is an unreleased sampler cassette planned for distribution by NPG Records in 2000 in conjunction with Prince’s 23rd album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (his sixth using the name SymbolSmallerBlue.png), although it may have been intended as promotion for the companion album Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (which was delayed and released in 2001).

The artwork included the phrase "Nine Deep Trax", and the cassette is often referred to as such. It included edits of several unreleased tracks by various NPG Records artists, many of which remain unreleased. Unlike many samplers, the edits contained the beginning and ending of most tracks, with the edits taking place in the core of the song, rather than a simple fade-out at the end.

Come 2 My House had previously been released on Come 2 My House. Man‘O’War (Remix) was released in 2001 on Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic. Peace and 2045: Radical Man were both released in 2001 on the Peace single, attributed to the New Power Generation (although 2045: Radical Man had also been released in late 2000 on the Bamboozled soundtrack album attributed to Prince). In 2001, the full version of the Hit U In The Socket remix was offered as an mp3 download as part of NPG Music Club Edition # 4.

The other tracks remain unreleased. Seventeen and Eighteen by Madhouse are in fact quite drastically alternate versions of Kamasutra/Overture #8 and Promise/Broken respectively, planned for a Madhouse album planned for a 1995 release — on which confusingly they were titled Overture #5 and Overture #6 respectively. A different version of Trouble (Never Give Up) by Rosie Gaines was later released as T.R.O.U.B.L.E. on Rosie Gaines' 2015 compilation Essential Rosie. Do U Wanna Get Funky? (attributed to Larry Graham, rather than Graham Central Station) contains vocals by Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png). A short sample of this song can be heard on the first segue of Graham Central Station‘s album GCS 2000.

Track listing
  1. Man‘O’War (Remix) (5:11) - SymbolSmallerBlue.png
  2. Peace (Excerpt) (1:31) - The NPG
  3. 2045: Radical Man (2:18) - The NPG
  4. Hit U In The Socket (Excerpt) (1:18) - Rosie Gaines
  5. Trouble (Never Give Up) (Excerpt) (1:15) - Rosie Gaines
  6. Seventeen (Excerpt) (1:27) - Madhouse
  7. Eighteen (Excerpt) - (1:49) Madhouse
  8. Come 2 My House (Excerpt) (1:49) - Chaka Khan
  9. Do U Wanna Get Funky? (Excerpt) (1:34) - Larry Graham


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.

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NPG Records Sampler (1998)
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