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from the album Diamonds And Pearls
Song details
Performer: Prince and the New Power Generation
First Released: 1 October 1991 - Diamonds And Pearls album
Album(s): Diamonds And Pearls
Writer(s): Prince and Rosie Gaines (credited to Prince and the New Power Generation)
Producer(s): Prince (credited to Prince and the New Power Generation)
Live Appearances
First and last live appearance:
Performed regularly on tour:
Performed occasionally in shows:

Push is the eleventh track on Prince’s 13th album Diamonds And Pearls, the first album to be credited to Prince and the New Power Generation, and, five months after the album’s release, it was included on some versions of the album’s fifth single, Money Don’t Matter 2 Night.

A tape photographed in Prince’s vault at Paisley Park Studios lists it as 5 February 1991 alluding the exact date for the recording at Paisley Park Studios (during the same set of sessions as Thunder, Cream and Jughead). The track features Rosie Gaines and Tony M. on some vocals, and uncredited strings by Clare Fischer.

Push references many of the album’s songs (in the order they appear) during a rap segment of the song (a technique Prince has repeated on other songs, such as Newpower Soul and Ol' Skool Company). Thunder, Daddy Pop, Diamonds And Pearls, Cream, Strollin’ and Willing And Able are mentioned. As in other cases where this technique has been used by Prince, the rap highlights changes that the album’s tracklist went though: Horny Pony (instead of Gett Off) is mentioned immediately following Willing And Able, since that track was placed there at the time Push was recorded. These rap lyrics from Push are included on the back cover of the Diamonds And Pearls album packaging (with "Gett Off" written over "Horny Pony"). The track was not included on the December 1990, configuration of Diamonds And Pearls, indicating that it may not have been recorded yet, but was included as the eleventh track on the 1 March 1991 and 8 May 1991 configurations, where it remained for release.

Recording Information
Recording Sessions
Date Studio Additional info
5 February 1991 Paisley Park Studios,
Chanhassen, MN, USA
Recording Personnel
  • Prince - all vocals and instruments, except where noted (liner notes state "insatiable")
  • Rosie Gaines - rap, background vocals (liner notes state "co-lead backing vox, Purpleaxxe™ sampler and organ")
  • Tony M. - rap (credited for "lead raps and backing vox")
  • Clare Fischer - orchestration (sampled)

Released Versions
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Push 5:52 Diamonds And Pearls album

Money Don’t Matter 2 Night single

X-cerpts From The Songs: Thunder, Daddy Pop, Strollin’, Jughead, Money Don’t Matter 2 Night, Push, Live 4 Love 5:04 Diamonds And Pearls single Edits Edits of each song; Push edit is 0:42

Sampled, Referred to, Quoted in...
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Go Carmen Go Studio Unreleased Carmen Electra song, contains sample of "Get on the mic" from Push
Additional Information

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