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29 March


Come2myhouse album.jpg
Musicology album.jpg
Chocolateinvasion album.png
Slaughterhouse album.png
C-Note album.png
Rainbowchildren album.jpg
Xpectation album.jpg
News album.jpg
Lotusflow3r album.jpg
Mplsound album.jpg
Elixer album.jpg




  • 1987 Under The Cherry Moon wins no less than 5 Golden Raspberries, the annual awards for the worst movies
  • 2004 – The opening night of the Musicology tour is broadcast in movie theaters around the US. All attenders got the Musicology give-away version of the album with their tickets

Associated Artists

  • 1983The Time perform in San Diego, CA, USA: Sports Arena, supporting Prince
  • 1983Vanity 6 performs in San Diego, CA, USA: Sports Arena, supporting Prince

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