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Promo Only Albums

This section presents all promotional-only albums released by Prince and/or SymbolSmallerBlue.png, regardless of format or variant, which details will be found in the corresponding album page. The section only includes promotional albums that have not been made available as retail releases in any form.

What is a promotional recording?

A promotional item is a pressed vinyl disc, compact disc or cassette, made for promotional purposes, in contrast to an in-store release. Such recordings are not available for retail purposes, and are often stamped "Promotional Only Not For Sale". They are pressed by record companies to serve several purposes, the main one being marketing to the media, (including television and radio), distributors and DJ’s. While a promotional recording may be pressed for a single project, not every promotional recording becomes a commercial release.

A promotional recording can also represent a later phase in the making of an item before its commercial release. Previous formats such as acetates and test pressings are not promotional recordings, and therefore are not listed here.

1984 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1988
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Prince Sampler Strange Tales From The Rain His Majesty’s Pop Life
Released commercially in 2019
The Story So Far... Sounds O’ The Times Eye88.png Love Prince Stockholm 1988

1990 1992 1993
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Nothing Compares 2 Him The Crown Jewels My Name Was Prince

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