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The Lost Tapes


Album details

Released: 13 December 2018
Length: 45:00
Label(s): Cowboy Angel Records
Studio(s): Unknown, USA

Charts, Certifications & Awards

This album has not charted in the USA
This album has not received any certifications in the USA
This album has not received any awards in the USA

Singles released

  • None at the time of release.
The Lost Tapes is the first posthumous stand-alone album of previously unreleased material by Valerie Carter. It includes unreleased tracks recorded during her career including I Got Over It, co-written by Prince. The tracks were assembled by her sister Jan Carter and her friend Kathy Kurasch in 2018.

Valerie Carter was a member of the band Howdy Moon and released two solo albums in the Seventies. She later released an album in 1996 and an EP in 1998 (Find A River). Although, the latter included a cover of Crazy You, her brief collaboration with Prince was unknown to the public until 2018, the year following Carter's passing. I Got Over It is said to be one of the tracks they both worked on. The other (unknown) songs they did together are announced to be included on future releases by Valerie Carter's estate.


The compilation was released independently by Cowboy Angel Records, owned by Kathy Kurasch.

Track listing
Details given for the Prince-related track only:
  1. The Blue Side (Intro)
  2. Skinny White Pants
  3. Spanish Moon
  4. Heartache
  5. Echo My Heart
  6. Baby It's You
  7. My Saving Grace
  8. Be Here Now
  9. Somewhere In This World
  10. La Vida Es Sueno
  11. How Can I Say Goodbye
  12. I Got Over It (3:21) 1
  13. Labor Of Love
  14. The Blue Side (Outro)

1 Written by Valerie Carter and Prince


  • Kathy Kurasch – producer and additional engineering
  • Jan Carter – executive producer

  • Special thanks to Dan Johnson, United Recording, Eric Lynn, Groove Masters, Jackson Browne, Elizabeth George, James Taylor, Kate Markowitz, Linda Ronstadt, Larry John McNally, Tom Snow, Will Jennings, Steve Tyrell, David Lasley, Shelly Yakus, Pete Doell, Bart Day, Isao Nagata, Robin Lorentz, Abbey Anna, Marvin Lee, Janet Maddox, Anne Toalster, Kelly Elliott, Yoshi Nagato, Satoko Funakoshi and Notio
  • Made in loving memory of our sister and friend
  • Dedicated to Dorothy Carter "Bless her heart"

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