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Strange Tales From The Rain

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Album details

Released: Late 1984
Length: 54:06 / 47:21
Label(s): Warner Bros.
Studio(s): The Warehouse, St. Louis Park, MN, USA; Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA; Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse, Eden Prairie, MN, USA; Kiowa Trail Home Studio, Chanhassen, MN, USA; Record Plant Remote - Mobile Truck (from New York, NY in Minneapolis, MN USA); Sound Labs, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Alpha Studios, Burbank, CA, USA; Hollywood Sound Recorders, Los Angeles, CA, USA; North Arm Drive Home Studio, Orono, MN, USA

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Strange Tales From The Rain (subtitled "Prince: 1978-1984") is the second promotional compilation album by Prince, available in late 1984 in Japan only, following the success of the Purple Rain album and movie.

The first disc includes all Prince-related tracks included in the Purple Rain movie, included in the order they appeared in the film, including those by The Time and Apollonia 6.

The second disc includes Prince’s previous hits presented in rough chronological order based on their release as singles, as well as Sheila E.’s The Glamorous Life.

As such, the double-disc album comprises recordings from six Prince/Prince and the Revolution studio albums and three related artist albums, all released originally between 1978 and 1984.

Notably, the versions included on the album are not all album versions. Let’s Go Crazy was included as an extended remix previously included on the Let’s Go Crazy single, while several other tracks were included in previously-released edited form. The inclusion of God, a b-side, was rather unusual, especially as the vocal version included here had not been included in the movie, which instead featured the instrumental version.

Track listing
  • Side one:
  1. Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) (7:35) 1 
  2. Jungle Love (Edit) - The Time (3:27) 2 
  3. Take Me With U (3:54) 1 
  4. The Beautiful Ones (5:13) 1 
  5. God (4:02) 1 
  6. When Doves Cry (3:49) 1 
  • Side two:
  1. Computer Blue (3:59) 3 
  2. Darling Nikki (4:13) (incorrectly titled Darlin’ Nikki) 1 
  3. Sex Shooter (Edit) - Apollonia 6 (3:00) 4 
  4. The Bird - The Time (3:41) 5 
  5. Purple Rain (Edit) (4:02) 1 
  6. I Would Die 4 U (2:51) 1 
  7. Baby I’m A Star (4:20) 1 
  • Side three:
  1. Soft And Wet (3:01) 6 
  2. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Edit) (2:57)
  3. Sexy Dancer (4:18)
  4. Uptown (Edit) (4:09) 7 
  5. Dirty Mind (4:11) 8 
  6. Do Me, Baby (7:47) 9 
  • Side four:
  1. Sexuality (4:20)
  2. Controversy (Edit) (3:35)
  3. 1999 (Edit) (3:36)
  4. Little Red Corvette (Edit) (3:08)
  5. Delirious (Edit) (2:38)
  6. The Glamorous Life (Edit) - Sheila E. (3:41) 10 

All songs written by Prince, except where noted.

1  Written by Prince (credited to Prince and the Revolution)
2  Written by Morris Day, Prince (credited as Jamie Starr), Jesse Johnson (uncredited)
3  Written by John L. Nelson, Lisa Coleman, Wendy Melvoin and Prince
4  Written by Prince (credited to Apollonia 6)
5  Written by Morris Day, Prince (as Jamie Starr, uncredited), Jesse Johnson (uncredited)
6  Written by Prince (music and lyrics) and Chris Moon (lyrics)
7  Written by Prince and André Cymone (credited to Prince)
8  Written by Prince (music and lyrics) and Dr. Fink (music)
9  Written by André Cymone (credited to Prince)
10  Written by Prince (credited to Sheila E.)

  • See individual tracks for credits.

  • See individual tracks and respective albums for credits.

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Additional Information


  • This album was a promotional release, not meant to be distributed to the general public and/or made available for retail.

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