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I Am

I Am (Front Cover)

Album details

Released: 18 September 1990
Length: 44:00
Label(s): Chrysalis Records
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA

Charts, Certifications & Awards

This album has not charted in the USA
This album has not received any certifications in the USA
This album has not received any awards in the USA

Singles released

On The Way Up
b/w Am I Dub II
Onthewayup single.jpg
Something So Strong
b/w Playgirl
Oooh This I Need
b/w Purpose In Your Life
Ooohthisineed single.jpg
I Am is the second studio album by Elisa Fiorillo, and was the first and only to feature writing input by Prince. Five of the album’s ten tracks were written (or co-written) by Prince, although the album was mostly produced by David Z. Rivkin (Prince produced one track, Ooh This I Need).

Sessions and compiling

Prince’s involvement in the album came by chance, as he dropped by Paisley Park Studios while David Z. Rivkin and Levi Seacer, Jr. were recording with Elisa Fiorillo in September 1989, and he liked what he heard. He immediately helped write the track they were working on, I Am, before helping to write On The Way Up. He submitted Playgirl, Love’s No Fun and Ooh This I Need in late 1989 and early 1990.

Other songs recorded by Prince and Elisa Fiorillo between 1989 and 1990 include Oobey Doop and If You Wanna Dance, but it is not known if they were considered for the album. A third song called "Say No" (written by David Z., Levi Seacer, Jr., Frankie Blue, Les Pierce and Elisa Fiorillo) was included on a promotional cassette for the album but was removed from the final configuration.


The album produced three commercially-available singles, On The Way Up (released shortly before the album), Something So Strong (w/ Playgirl as its B-side) and Oooh This I Need (spelled differently than the album track). The album failed to chart, however.

Track listing

Details given for Prince-related tracks only

  1. I Am (4:57) 1
  2. On The Way Up (4:20) 2
  3. Out Of My Mind
  4. Playgirl (4:21) 3
  5. Love’s No Fun (3:50) 3
  6. Ooh This I Need (4:00) 3
  7. Ain’t Right
  8. Something So Strong
  9. Don’t Change
  10. Purpose In Your Life
  • Side 1:
  1. I Am (4:57) 1
  2. On The Way Up (4:20) 2
  3. Out Of My Mind
  4. Playgirl (4:21) 3
  5. Love’s No Fun (3:50) 3
  • Side 2:
  1. Ooh This I Need (4:00) 3
  2. Ain’t Right
  3. Something So Strong
  4. Don’t Change
  5. Purpose In Your Life

1 Written by Prince, David Z. Rivkin and Levi Seacer, Jr.
2 Written by Elisa Fiorillo, Prince, David Z. Rivkin and Levi Seacer, Jr.
3 Written by Prince



  • I always thank God first for the gift of love, family and music. My mother and father for their unconditional love and support. My three brothers ... Billy, Bobby and Jimmy for being my best friends and critics. The rest of my huge family and the friends who have been there U know who U R.
  • To all the people who worked on this record: David Z. - The man who put it all together. (The Fly!) Prince - Thank you for all your inspiration and help. Levi Seacer Jr. - U Da coolest boy-eee!!! Darryl Duncan - Don’t ever change. Ian Prince - Oh no!!! It’s a "Round about!" Oliver Leiber - Is that garlic I smell? Tom Flora, Michael Smotherman & Bill Kenner - Thanks!!
  • Thanks to all the musicians, vocalists and engineers.
  • And thanks to: Peter Benetta, Franky Blue, Nicky Brown, Rick Chudikoff, Phil Galdston, Paul Gordon, Michael Hammelstein, Randy Jackson, Tom Keane, Tim Kelly, Jon Lind, Lenny Macaluso, Les Pierce, Evan Rogers, Arnie Roman, Phil Roy, Gloria Sclarev, Jimmy Scott, Danny Sembello, Marti Sharron, Billy Steinberg, Carl Sturken & all the other writers who I had chance to work with.
  • Extra special thanks to: Ina Meibach, Lippman Kahane Entertainment, A&R Coordination Kate Hyman, Chrysalis, Brian Loucks, my trainer Dorie Pride, and my personal assistant Lesley Duncan.
  • Special thanks to: John Sykes, Joe Kiener, Tom Gorman, Fran Musso, Frances Pennington, Jeff Wagner, Greg Thompson, Van-O, Duff Marlowe, Tom Sturges, Elaine, Sherri, Lisa, KPM, Jeff Aldrich, Daniel Glass, Ken Lane, Ron Fair, Cema and the whole entire promo staff!!! Thanks to Therese Stoulil and everyone at Paisley Park. Thanks to: Vivian Turner, Ann Fulayter, Toni Basil, Hugo Huizar, and Jaime and Sheila Johnson. An extra special thanks to all the radio stations that kept my poster up on their walls!!!
  • Brenda Mowdy - To a mom that everyone loved ...
  • I want to dedicate this album to my grandfather Alexander Fiorillo Sr., who died this past year. He always told me that I deserved the best in life and that I should never settle for second best. I have received many letters from fans that have asked for advice about problems they might have had. I want them to read the advice my grandfather gave me. Teenage suicide is a very real and terrible problem in our society. Suicide is not an answer. It is what my grandfather meant by second best. Living is the answer. There is a purpose in your life ... Love, Elisa

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