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Album details

Intended Release Date: 1989
Label(s): Paisley Park Records
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA

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Standing At The Altar
Standingatthealtar single.jpg
Flash is an unreleased studio album by Flash / MC Flash (both names were considered for use), recorded between late 1987 and early 1989, and planned for release in 1989.

The project began when Prince attended a concert by Dr. Mambo's Combo at Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN, USA on 2 November, 1988, during a day off from the Lovesexy Tour, and asked the group's singer, Margie Cox, if she would be interested in recording with him. They went to nearby Paisley Park Studios that night and recorded We Can Hang, with additional work on the track in late December, 1988, when Warden In The Prison Of Love and Curious Blue were also recorded. Brand New Boy was recorded soon after in early January, 1989, while R U There? was recorded in mid-January, 1989. Girls Will Be Girls was also recorded at some point in January, 1989, with vocal overdubs in late January. Good Man was recorded in early July, 1989. Bed Of Roses and Whistlin' Kenny were recorded in late July, 1989. Good Body Every Evening was the final track recorded for the project, in late 1989.

Nine of the album's ten tracks contained lead vocals by Margie Cox, with Billy Franze singing lead vocals on Good Man. Prince played the majority of instruments on each track, and some contributions by other musicians, including drums on some tracks played by Sheila E.

Several records label representatives were brought to Paisley Park Studios in early 1990 to listen to the album, but none were very enthusiastic about the music, and no record deal was signed. Flash was the opening act for two Prince shows in Spring 1990 (30 April, 1990 and 6 May, 1990), perhaps to generate interest in the group, but Prince opted to use Mavis Staples as the opening act on the Nude Tour which followed soon after instead. The project was then put on hold, and but when Prince and Margie Cox began working together in 1991, it was on a Margie Cox solo project, rather than an album to be released by Flash.

Most of the album's tracks were left unreleased when the project was abandoned. We Can Hang was re-recorded in early November, 1991, for a Margie Cox solo project which was also left unreleased. Whistlin' Kenny is the only track to have been released from the album, when it was included as the b-side on Margie Cox's single Standing At The Altar.

Other tracks considered for the album include Stimulation (originally recorded by Prince in September, 1987, but worked on in September, 1989, at which point Margie Cox added lead vocal overdubs), and cover versions of The Beatles' Day Tripper (written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, released as a single in 1965) and The Jimi Hendrix Experience's Fire (written by Jimi Hendrix, from Are You Experienced, 1967, also released as a single).

Track listing
  • Side 1:
  1. R U There?
  2. Brand New Boy
  3. Warden In The Prison Of Love
  4. Bed Of Roses
  5. Good Man
  6. Whistlin' Kenny
  • Side 2:
  1. We Can Hang *
  2. Curious Blue
  3. Girls Will Be Girls
  4. Good Body Every Evening

All songs written by Prince, except where noted.
* Written by Prince (music and lyrics) and Margie Cox (lyrics)


  • Prince - producer (assumed)
  • Other production details unknown

Additional Information


Unreleased project.png 1989
Corporate World
Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
(Related Artists)
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