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| ''Chef''  
| ''Chef''  
| [[Tanya Thompson]]
| [[Tonya Thompson]]
| ''Hair Stylist''  
| ''Hair Stylist''  

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Tour Map

26 July 1993 - 7 September 1993
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Tour Dates

Date City Country Venue Comment
26 Jul. 1993 Birmingham Flag england.jpg   England National Indoor Arena
27 Jul. 1993 Birmingham Flag england.jpg   England National Indoor Arena
29 Jul. 1993 Edinburgh Flag scotland.jpg   Scotland Meadowbank Stadium
31 Jul. 1993 London Flag england.jpg   England Wembley Stadium
1 Aug. 1993 Sheffield Flag england.jpg   England Sheffield Arena
2 Aug. 1993 Sheffield Flag england.jpg   England Sheffield Arena
5 Aug. 1993 Johanneshov, Stockholm Flag sweden.jpg   Sweden Stockholm Globe Arena
6 Aug. 1993 Gothenburg Flag sweden.jpg   Sweden Scandinavium
7 Aug. 1993 Oslo Flag norway.jpg   Norway Oslo Spektrum
9 Aug. 1993 Den Bosch Flag netherlands.jpg   The Netherlands Brabanthallen
10 Aug. 1993 Den Bosch Flag netherlands.jpg   The Netherlands Brabanthallen
13 Aug. 1993 Cádiz Flag spain.jpg   Spain Estadio Ramón de Carranza
15 Aug. 1993 Lisbon Flag portugal.jpg   Portugal Estádio José de Alvalade
17 Aug. 1993 Santiago de Compostela Flag spain.jpg   Spain Auditorio do Monte do Gozo
19 Aug. 1993 Gijón Flag spain.jpg   Spain Hipódromo de las Mestas
21 Aug. 1993 Madrid Flag spain.jpg   Spain Plaza de Toros de las Ventas
22 Aug. 1993 Barcelona Flag spain.jpg   Spain Palau Sant Jordi
25 Aug. 1993 Vienna Flag austria.jpg   Austria Donauinsel
27 Aug. 1993 Munich Flag germany.jpg   Germany Flughafen München-Riem
28 Aug. 1993 Wegberg Flag germany.jpg   Germany Flugplatz Wildenrath
29 Aug. 1993 Zürich Flag switzerland.jpg   Switzerland Hardturm
31 Aug. 1993 Paris Flag france.jpg   France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
1 Sep. 1993 Paris Flag france.jpg   France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
3 Sep. 1993 Lüneburg Flag germany.jpg   Germany Flugplatz Lüneburg
4 Sep. 1993 Ghent Flag belgium.jpg   Belgium Flanders Expo
5 Sep. 1993 Mainz Flag germany.jpg   Germany Flughafen Finthen
7 Sep. 1993 London Flag england.jpg   England Wembley Arena

Band Lineup

Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png, but often billed as Prince) Vox, Guitar, Piano
Michael B. Drums
Sonny T. Bass
Levi Seacer, Jr. Guitar
Tommy Barbarella Keyboards
Morris Hayes Keyboards
Mike Nelson Trombone
Steve Strand Trumpet
Dave Jensen Trumpet
Kathy J. Baritone Saxophone
Brian Gallagher Tenor Saxophone
(The horn section became collectively known as "Hornheads" in 1994)
Mayte Dance

Other Tour Personnel

Gilbert Davison Paisley Management
Jill Willis Paisley Management
Skip Johnson Tour / Production Manager
Jimmy Johnson Road Manager
Calvin "Mac" Mosier Lighting Director
Marc Robbins Tour Accountant
George Hoadley Production Accountant
Susan Horvath Valet
Charles Nygaard Chef
Tonya Thompson Hair Stylist
Brian Reason Stage Manager
John Godenzi Sound Engineer
Chris Wade-Evans Monitor Engineer
Egbert van Hees Video Director
Martijn van Hees Video Director
Justin Collie Spot Cues / Board Opererator
Jeff (Wingnut) Gilreath Head Carpenter
Paul Bark Head Rigger
LeAnne Doescher Wardrobe Crew Chief
Bonnie Flesland Wardrobe Crew
Karen Karnowski Wardrobe Crew
Mike Kranz Assistant Stage Manager
Fred Christiani Prince Guitar Technician
Stuart White Head Keyboard Technician
James 'McGoo' McGregor Props / Percussionist
Scott Pakulski Acoustic Drum Technician
Dave Keffer Electronic Drum Technician
Armando Garcia Guitar Technician
Allan (Sparky) Starks Keyboard Technician
Shane Hendrick Electrician
Randal Wood Assistant Carpenter
Stephanie Brunner Make-Up Crew Chief
Sherry Hartung Hair & Make-Up
Katherine Neville Make-Up
Tommie Cooper Production Assistant
Chuck Majeske Pyrotechnics / Hot Dogs
Nick Evans Rigger
Rory McKewan Rigger
Phil Bowdery Site Coordinator
Jack Flicker Site Coordinator
Dogan Halil Camera/Projector
John Basile Video
Kevin Orwin Video Engineer
Andre Nolan Video Projectionist
Peter Collis Video Cameras
Mitch Mortenson Technician
Albert (Appie) Thorig Barricade
Quirinus Schoof Barricade
Donald Cartwright Director of Security
Tony Johnson Security
Joey Guzman Security
Richard Cairns Security
Kitt Crenshaw Security
David Robinson Security
Arthur Aaron Venue Security
Greg Tillman Assistant to Road Manager
Tony Clayton Smith Driver
Tony Laurie Driver
Michael Duigan Catering Crew / Chef
Rosemary Farquhar Catering Crew
Amanda Kellar Catering Crew
Diane Mills Catering Crew
Andrew Speakman Catering Crew
Lars Brogaard Tour Advance
Gary Stiffelman (Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca) Legal
Jamie Young (Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca) Legal
Nancy Chapman (Breslauer, Jacobsen, Rutman & Chapman) Business Management
Cindy Rose (Breslauer, Jacobsen, Rutman & Chapman) Business Management
Olivia Kandle (Breslauer, Jacobsen, Rutman & Chapman) Business Management
Linda Brown (Breslauer, Jacobsen, Rutman & Chapman) Business Management
Karen Lee (Paisley Park) Media / Public Relations
Poole Edwatds Ltd - Europe Media Public Relations
Jacquelyne Ledent-Vilian (WEA Europe) Media Public Relations
Joey Chardukian (Vari*Lite) Lighting Chief
Ian Reith (Vari*Lite) Lighting
Brian Richardson (Vari*Lite) Lighting
Jason Trueman (Vari*Lite) Lighting
Milan Rakic (Light and Sound Design) Lighting
Kathy Beer (Light and Sound Design) Lighting
Robert Gambino (Light and Sound Design) Lighting
Tony Mullins (Light and Sound Design) Lighting
Peter (Fats) Parchment (Light and Sound Design) Lighting
Gary Rees (Light and Sound Design) Lighting
Julian Winter (Light and Sound Design) Lighting
Tony Zurakowski (Light and Sound Design) Lighting
John Blasutta (Showco) Audio
Brian Haas (Showco) Audio
Brian Montgomery (Showco) Audio
James Putnam (Showco) Audio
Nigel Boden (Showco) Audio
Ray Breen (Showco) Audio
Mike Facey (Showco) Audio
Russ Graham (Showco) Audio
Stacia Lang Wardrobe Design
Debbie McGuan Wardrobe Design
Heidi Presnail Wardrobe
Jim Shearon Wardrobe
Karen Winkler Wardrobe
Martha Preus Wardrobe
Helen Ammann Wardrobe
Michelle Kielsa Wardrobe
Chris Bur Wardrobe
Kelly Homan Wardrobe
Shannon Swedberg Paisley Park Enterprises
Michael Rumore Paisley Park Enterprises
Lisa Hoey Paisley Park Enterprises
Marie Alamillo Paisley Park Enterprises
John Dukakis Paisley Park Records
Kerry Gordy Paisley Park Records
Kathy Busby Paisley Park Records
Mike Murphy Paisley Park Records
Therese Stoulil Paisley Park Records
Juli Knapp Paisley Park Records
Chuck Hermes Paisley Park Records
Mark "Red" White Paisley Park Studios
Tom Tucker Paisley Park Studios
Sal Greco Paisley Park Studios
Heidi Hanschu Paisley Park Studios
Deborah Wang Paisley Park Studios
Leroy Bennett Production & Lighting Designer
Donna Dietz (Air Apparent) Travel Agency
Platinum Travel Travel Agency
David Bernstein (Rock-It Cargo) Freight Forwarding
Cathy Cleghorn (Brockum Inc. / New York, Toronto, London, Sydney) Merchandising
Norman Perry (Brockum Inc. / New York, Toronto, London, Sydney) Merchandising
Gerry Barad (Brockum Inc. / New York, Toronto, London, Sydney) Merchandising
Steve Parke Tour Book Design
Hill Shorter Limited, England Printing
Wharfedale Tour Bus Company
Kevin Mazur Photography
Larry Bussacca Photography
Jeff Katz Photography
Redburn Trucking Trucking
Eat Your Hearts Out Catering
Show Power Power
Arrow-Ocean State Rigging Flying Gear
VPS-Video Pac Systems, Screenco Video
Mikkel Brogaard Production and Design Staging
Mojo Barricades

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