20 May 1986

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6th Minnesota Music Awards

20 May 1986
Venue Carlton Celebrity Room
City, Country Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
Band Prince (vox, keyboard), Bobby Z. (drums), Brown Mark (bass), Wendy Melvoin (guitar), Lisa Coleman (keyboards), Dr. Fink (keyboards), Miko Weaver (guitar), Eric Leeds (saxophone, flute), Atlanta Bliss (trumpet), Jerome Benton (backing vox, dance), Wally Safford (backing vox, dance), Greg Brooks (backing vox, dance)
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Raspberry Beret
Girls & Boys
Life Can Be So Nice
Controversy incl. All Day, All Night chant
Mutiny Arrow.png incl. Holly Rock chants & Dream Factory chorus
♥ or $

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Show Facts
Start time Length Of Performance Attendance/Capacity Televised

 ? 40 minutes  ? / 2,150 no

- "Best Video" for Raspberry Beret
- "Best Film/Video Score" for Parade
- "Best Cover/Artwork" for Album: Around The World In A Day
  • Other Minneapolis acts performing at the award ceremony were The Jets, Mazarati and Ta Mara & The Seen.
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