11 September 1987

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1987 MTV Video Music Awards

11 September 1987
Venue Universal Amphitheatre
City, Country Universal City, California, USA
Band Prince (vox, guitar, keyboard, drums, percussion), Sheila E. (drums, vox), Levi Seacer, Jr. (bass, vox, drum), Miko Weaver (guitar, vox, drum), Dr. Fink (keyboards, vox), Boni Boyer (keyboards, vox, drum), Eric Leeds (saxophone, flute, drum), Atlanta Bliss (trumpet, drum), Cat (dance, backing vox), Wally Safford (dance, percussion, drum, backing vox), Greg Brooks (dance, percussion, drum, backing vox)
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Sign O' The Times
Play In The Sunshine incl. Shave And A Haircut

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Show Facts
Start time Length Of Performance Attendance/Capacity Televised

 ? 10 minutes  ? / ? Broadcast live on MTV (USA)

  • Only Prince's vocals and guitar were live, the band lip-synced to a pre-recorded live recording.
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