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Wish I May


Single details

Released: Late 1999 (promotional release only)
Related album: To The Teeth
Label(s): Righteous Babe Records / Cooking Vinyl
Non-Album track(s):


Charts, Certifications & Awards

This single has not charted in Europe
This single has not received any certifications in Europe
This single has not received any awards in Europe

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To The Teeth
Totheteeth album.jpg

Wish I May was a promotional single by Ani DiFranco available in the USA and Europe in late 1999, shortly before the release of her tenth solo studio album To The Teeth. The European edition contained Providence which features backing vocals by Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png) as the fourth track of the single. The US edition of the promotional single did not contain this song and is therefore not listed below.

As a promo it was not eligible to chart.

Track listing
CD Promo

1. Wish I May
2. Swing 3. Cloud Blood 4. Providence (7:18)

  • Cat #: UK: Anipro 1

  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.

Other Formats
  • This promo wasn’t issued in any other format.

7", 12", CD, Cassettes and Other versions
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

UK CD Anipro 1

Variants, Special Editions and Reissues
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2




Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Triva

Umoveme single.jpg 1998
U Move Me
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The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
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