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Holla & Shout

Holla&shout single.jpg

Single details

Released: Early May 2006 (promotional release only)
Related album: Milk & Honey (unreleased)
Label(s): NPG Records / Universal Records
Unique tracks: AllEyeBlue.png Want Is U (3:19)

Holla & Shout (4:01)

Holla & Shout was the second promotional single by Támar Davis intended to promote her album Milk & Honey (formerly titled Beautiful, Loved & Blessed) before the album was canceled. The single contained Holla & Shout and AllEyeBlue.png Want Is U, both intended for inclusion on the album.

The single failed to enter the chart.

Track listing

CD promo

(US: UNIR 21642-2)
1. Holla & Shout (4:01)
2. AllEyeBlue.png Want Is U (3:19)


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.


  • This single did not enter the charts.


Variants, special editions and re-releases

  • None.


  • None.


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