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Hold Me

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Single details

Released: Promotional release only, Summer 1993
Related album: Here It Is
Label(s): Columbia Records
Non-album tracks: Hold Me (Edit) (4:09)

Hold Me was available as a promo-only single from the worldwide re-issue of Jevetta Steele's first solo album Here It Is, available in Summer 1993, at around the time of the album's release. No other singles from the album were available (either promotionally or commercially).

The promo contained an edit of the track Hold Me, unavailable elsewhere.

Track listing

CD promo

(USA: CSK77106)
1. Hold Me (Edit) (4:09)
2. Hold Me (4:36)


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.


  • Non applicable as it is a promotional single.


Variants, special editions and re-releases

  • None.


  • None.


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