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|date                      = April - early June 1986
|date                      = April - early June 1986
|studio                  = [[Galpin Blvd Home Studio]], Chanhassen, MN, USA
|studio                  = [[Galpin Blvd Home Studio]],<br>Chanhassen, MN, USA
|additional info          =  
|additional info          =  

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Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A

Song details
Performer: Prince and the Revolution
Writer(s): Prince (assumed)
Producer(s): Prince (assumed)
Live Appearances
First and last live appearance:
  • This track is not believed to have been performed live by Prince.
Performed regularly on tour:
  • none
Performed occasionally in shows:
  • none

Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A is an unreleased song (serving the purpose of a segue) created between April and early June 1986 at Prince's Galpin Blvd Home Studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota and was included as the eleventh track on the 3 June 1986 configuration of Dream Factory.

The segue was also included, this time as an uncredited segue, between the first and second tracks, Visions and Dream Factory, on the 18 July 1986 configuration.

It uses Lisa Coleman vocals for A Place In Heaven (Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A is the backwards spelling of A Place In Heaven), recorded between late March and April 1986 played backwards, as well as an accompanying organ, also backwards, but missing from the mix that was made for A Place In Heaven.

Furthermore it features a short dialog of Wendy and Lisa being carded at a club.

The segue ends in a sampled Witness! (taken from Witness 4 The Prosecution), moving into a spoken intro by Prince seemingly introducing Dream Factory.

It is unclear whether this last spoken bit was part of the segue when it was placed on the 3 June 1986 configuration of Dream Factory, when it preceded Sexual Suicide.

Recording Information
Recording Sessions
Date Studio Additional info
April - early June 1986 Galpin Blvd Home Studio,
Chanhassen, MN, USA
Recording Personnel

Original version

Unreleased Versions
Title Version Additional Info
Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A Segue Reversed section of Lisa Coleman vocals for A Place In Heaven with added dialog

Additional Information

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