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Adam closed the emerald book when she got up and danced.

Prince Rogers Nelson

7 June 1958 - 21 April 2016

From: Ruff Enuff, Recorded: Mid-October 2015 / 6 January 2016, Released on: via Tidal. Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Celebrating soon

Lotusflow3r album

24 March 2009

Lotusflow3r album.jpg 10years.png

Prince's 33rd full-length studio album was released on the launch date of lotusflow3r.com
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Musicology album

27 March 2004

Musicology album.jpg 15years.png

Prince's 28th full-length studio album was released as a give-away to audience members of Musicology Live 2004ever tour launch show
 > > > Read More

Memory lane

6 January






Associated Artists

  • 1985Sheila E. performs in Atlanta, GA, USA: The Omni, supporting Prince