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|RightSlot1-Title  = In Memoriam  
|RightSlot1-Title  = In Memoriam  
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|RightSlot1-page    = {{:InMemoriam}}
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Associated Artists

  • 1987Madhouse performs in Dortmund, Germany: Westfalenhalle, supporting Prince


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Did You Know?

From our newest additions:

  • ... that Sign O' The Times was the most added single in both Billboard "Radio Most Added" sections of Hot Black and Hot 100 Singles Actions charts on 7 March 1987?

  • ... that Pain is Prince's reworking of a song called Joy And Pain, written by D. Channsin Berry?

  • ... that Purple Rain Home Video remained 12 consecutive weeks at position 1 in Billboard Top Videocassette sales chart?

See our archive: Did You Know?


5 October 2019

The Greatest Romance Ever Sold, is released in the USA as the lead single of the Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic album.  > > > Read More

Thegreatestromance single.jpg 20years.png

19 October 2019

Prince's eponymous second album Prince, was released in the USA on 19 October 1979.  > > > Read More

Prince.jpg 40years.png

11 November 2019

Prince's 23rd studio album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic was released in the USA on 11 November 1999 .  > > > Read More

Raveun2thejoyfantastic album.jpg 20years.png

22 November 2019

Prince's 16th album The Black Album, was released in the USA on 22 November 1994.  > > > Read More

Blackalbum.jpg 25years.png

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14 September 2018  ★  30 September 2018



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Award Shows Attended

Awards Attended is a list of all awards shows Prince attended, and was part of the ceremony, listed in chronological order  > > > Read More

Rescheduled or Canceled Concerts

Rescheduled or Canceled Concerts is a non-exhaustive list including all known rescheduled and canceled concerts in Prince's concert history  > > > Read More

Prince: All Charts

All Charts is a survey of Prince singles and albums that have charted in a selection of countries around the world  > > > Read More

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In Memoriam

Prince Rogers Nelson

7 June 1958 - 21 April 2016

2016 prince inmemoriam.jpg
""We gonna love all our enemies till the gorilla falls off the wall".

From: Play In The Sunshine
Recorded: 22 November 1986
Released on: Sign O' The Times

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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Recorded: {{{recorded}}}
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Read about Prince's career here

Feature Concert

14 April 2016 (10 p.m.)

Atlanta, GA, USA: Fox Theatre (show 2)

17 April 2016 (a.m.)

Chanhassen, MN, USA: Paisley Park Studios
Brief performance during party
2016-04-16 ppafterdark poster.jpg

Click the above links to visit the show page for details.

See other shows: 26 March 2016 (a.m.)  ★  25 March 2016 (show 2)

Latest Releases

4Ever compilation

Prince4ever album.jpg
On 22 November 2016, the first posthumous compilation of Prince's material was released. Included on the 40 track set is the previously-unreleased track Moonbeam Levels. Although apparently approved by Prince before his death, this marks the first posthumous release of material from Prince's vault.

Black Sweat live download

Blacksweatlive single.jpg
On 18 April 2016, Tidal offered a 3:18 live version of Black Sweat to download. The song was recorded on 14 April 2016 (show 2), Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, USA, Prince's last ever concert.
See other recent releases: Latest Music Archive