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On This Day


5 October 2019

The Greatest Romance Ever Sold, is released in the USA as the lead single of the Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic album.  > > > Read More

Thegreatestromance single.jpg 20years.png

19 October 2019

Prince's eponymous second album Prince, was released in the USA on 19 October 1979.  > > > Read More

Prince.jpg 40years.png

11 November 2019

Prince's 23rd studio album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic was released in the USA on 11 November 1999 .  > > > Read More

Raveun2thejoyfantastic album.jpg 20years.png

22 November 2019

Prince's 16th album The Black Album, was released in the USA on 22 November 1994.  > > > Read More

Blackalbum.jpg 25years.png

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