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The below definitions apply for our concert page setlists:


  • Songs: Title of the song that is played
  • Additional Songs: Songs of parts thereof that are not played on its own, but are dependent of the song in the first column, in the form of chants or (instrumental) interpolations, or simply over the groove of the initial song.
  • Remarks/Personnel: Guest(s) (musicians not in the regular line up for this tour or show) performing, or lead vox / solo instrument performing on this song.

  • aborted: A song (abruptly) stopped while it was being played, due to technical failure or Prince changing his mind.
  • chant: A repeated rhythmic phrase, song lyrics or otherwise, typically shouted or sung in unison by or with the audience.
  • coda: The concluding passage of song.
  • groove: An (improvised) piece of music, often instrumental.
  • horn: Played by horns (saxophone, trumpet, trombone etc.)
  • horn motif: A horn motif from a different song inserted into a song rendition.
  • incl. (including): Containing as part of the whole.
  • instrumental: Played without lyrics in the original (studio) version of the song.
  • interlude: A piece of music inserted between other songs or parts of a longer composition.
  • '[Int]': A musical or lyrical part of a different song inserted into a song rendition.
  • intro: The beginning of a song or segment.
  • jam: Prince and the band repeat song instrumental main theme and eventually solo or ad-lib.
  • medley: Partial renditions of various songs combined together.
  • motif: Recurring (instrumental) theme.
  • partial: A song of which only a limited part is played. Either a verse or a chorus, or a verse plus a chorus, but nothing of a second verse, regardless of the total length of the songs performance.
  • personnel: All people (besides Prince) in the band for a show or recording session.
  • prelude: An introductory piece of music.
  • rap: A spoken part into a song.
  • reprise: A repeated passage of a song.
  • sample: A sound clip created by sampling from the studio recording of a song, without additional lyrics sang live. It can contain live-added (random) chants.
  • sans: A person in the band line-up (including Prince) absent from a song rendition.
  • segue: A song rendition segueing into the next song, without any pause in between them and usually with the beat continuing uninterrupted.
  • show coda: Set musical ending to a specific show.
  • show intro: Set musical opening to a specific show.
  • tease Part of a melody or lyrics performed or lyrics and words performed, but no more than a verse or a chorus maximum.
  • truncated: A song played in a (rehearsed) shortened version, leaving out one or more verses or a bridge.
  • w/ (with): A person participating in the song.


  • [H-int]  interpolation (horns)
  • [Int]  interpolation
  • [P]  partial
  • [S]  sample
  • [T]  tease
  • Arrow.png  segue
  • based on a sampled loop of studio recording  over sampled loop: A song done as a "partial" or "full band" where the base is a sampled loop cued by Prince.
  • SetG.png  guitar set: Prince alone on acoustic guitar. (Almost always "partial" songs and more or less segueing into one another. Not indicated as such.)
  • SetP.png  piano set: Prince alone on piano. (Almost always "partial" songs and more or less segueing into one another. Not indicated as such.)