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1995: Unreleased project.png Playtime By Versace Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
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1995: Unreleased project.png The Vault - Volumes I, II and III
New World

Unreleased project.png

Album details

Intended Release Date: 1995
Label(s): NPG Records (assumed)
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)

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Emancipation album.jpg
New World is thought to be an unreleased album by SymbolSmallerBlue.png worked on in 1995. It was mentioned by Mayte in an interview with Uptown Magazine in July 1995, and it is possible that she was mistaken in naming the album, and it was in fact Emancipation (or that Emancipation was briefly known as New World, even though the name Emancipation had already been used).

Very little is known about the album, although Mayte described it as a "techno" album, and is believed to have included both New World and Mr. Happy, both of which were later released on Emancipation.

Track listing

The specific sequence of tracks is unknown, but tracks believed to have been included are:

All songs written by SymbolSmallerBlue.png except where noted.


  • See individual songs for production information.

Additional Information


Unreleased project.png 1995
Playtime By Versace
Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
(Related Artists)
The Vault - Volumes I, II and III
Unreleased project.png