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19th Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony

15 March 2004
Venue Waldorf Astoria
City, Country New York, New York, USA
Band Prince (vox, guitar), John Blackwell (drums), Rhonda Smith (bass), Renato Neto (keyboards), Chance Howard (keyboards, vox), Mike Scott (guitar), Greg Boyer (trombone), Maceo Parker (saxophone), Candy Dulfer (saxophone), Mike Phillips (saxophone)
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

A Love Bizarre (instrumental) / The Glamorous Life (instrumental) / I Feel For You (instrumental)
Let's Go Crazy
Sign O' The Times
Kiss incl. Soul Man (intro)

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Show Facts
Start time Length Of Performance Attendance/Capacity Televised

7:30 p.m. 10 minutes  ? / ? No

  • Prince also performed a song with an all star band in honour of George Harrison's induction (see Guest Appearance: March, 15 2004 (2))
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Ticket courtesy of roaldbakker@hotmail.com
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