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From E 2 U

File:Frome2u single.jpg

Single details

Released: 15 August, 2010 - available at Sheila E. shows
Length: 25:34
Label(s): None
Studio(s): Studio information needed

From E 2 U is an EP by Sheila E. sold at the merchandise stand of two shows she performed at Yoshi's, San Francisco, CA, USA, on 15 August, 2010.

The EP included one song written by Prince, titled Leader Of The Band (he also appears playing piano on the track). It also includes Glorious Train, Sheila E.'s song released as the winner of the CMT reality show Gone Country.

A download version containing only the first three tracks, was listed as available soon after the CD release, from The tracks were not available to purchase, however, and Sheila E. responded to questions via Twitter saying she had set up the storefront but had not added files yet. The download page was then removed. While the CD did not contain artwork, an image was shown on the CD label which was then used as the "cover image" for the aborted download EP.

The EP was not eligible for charts, having only been released in one location on one day.

Track listing


(USA: No cat. number)
1. Leader Of The Band (6:18)
2. Mona Lisa
3. Glorious Train
4. Waters Of Life
5. Trust Me


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.


  • This single was exclusively distributed at one concert, and therefore not eligible for charts.


Variants, special editions and re-releases

  • A download version was planned but not released.

Single promotion

  • None.

Associated videos

Awards, nominations, and certifications

  • None.

Quotations and trivia

  • None.


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