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Lovesexy Live

Lovesexy Live artwork

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Released: 19 April 1989
Director: Egbert van Hees
Related: Lovesexy Tour, Lovesexy (album)
Label(s): Granada International, RAI - Sacis, Polygram Music Video, Palace
Non-Album track(s):

Charts, Certifications & Awards

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This Home video has not received any certifications in UK, France, Japan or the USA
This Home video has not received any awards in UK, France, Japan or the USA

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Lovesexy Tour

Lovesexy Live was the fifth Prince home video to be released and second live concert released on Home Video format.

The footage comes from a live broadcast¹ of Lovesexy Tour concert in Dortmund, on 9 September, 1988 and lasts approximately 127 minutes (Vol.1 is 67 minutes long while Vol.2 is around 60 minutes long). European companies Granada television (UK) and RAI Network had concluded a $2 million deal for the live transmission of the final concert of Prince's European leg of the Lovesexy Tour.

Both companies acquired radio and television distribution rights for worldwide distribution, excluding USA and Japan territories, which were on the tour schedule in late 88 and 89. Negotiations also included China, U.S.S.R., Australia and parts of South America.

The last date of the European leg of the Lovesexy Tour was initially scheduled in Rome, Stadio dei Marmi on 5 September, 1988 but disagreements over the choice of the venue led to the cancellation of the Rome concert, and the substitution of two dates in Dortmund.

Dutch production company ID-TV filmed the Prince concert with Egbert van Hees as director. Billboard reported that he was chosen personally by Prince on a director's shortlist of 2 (Egbert van Hees and David Mallet), because Prince was impressed by van Hees' work on a recent shooting of one of his after-hours performance in Hamburg Grosse Freiheit.

It was first released on 2 cassettes under the name of "Lovesexy Live 1" and "Lovesexy Live 2" in Europe. Confusingly Vol.1 contained the latter part of the concert, while Vol.2 contained the first part. The concert was later re-released as Lovesexy Live on one cassette (of 127 minutes) and on laserdisc.

¹ United Kingdom (Wired, Channel 4), West Germany (SAT Eins), Spain (RTVE), Finland (TV3), Holland (KRO), France (Antenne 2), Austria (ORF), Denmark (DK TV), Sweden (SVT) and Switzerland (SFA).

Track listing
  • PAL

A01. No
A02. Lovesexy
A03. Glam Slam
A04. The Cross
A05. I Wish U Heaven
A06. Kiss
A07. When 2 R In Love
A08. Starfish And Coffee
A09. Raspberry Beret
A10. Condition Of The Heart
A11. Strange Relationship
A12. Let's Go Crazy
A13. When Doves Cry
A14. Purple Rain
A15. 1999
A16. Alphabet St.

B01. Erotic City
B02. Housequake
B03. Slow Love
B04. Adore
B05. Delirious
B06. Jack U Off
B07. Sister
B08. Adore part II
B09. I Wanna Be Your Lover
B10. Head
B11. When You Were Mine
B12. Blues In C (If I Had A Harem)
B13. Little Red Corvette
B14. Controversy
B15. Dirty Mind
B16. Superfunkycalifragisexy
B17. Bob George
B18. Anna Stesia

UK: Vol.1 080 7483 / 1st reissue 083 944 3 / 2nd reissue PVC 3017M
UK: Vol.2 080 8303 / 1st reissue 084 510 3 / 2nd reissue PVC 3018M

  1. No
  2. Lovesexy
  3. Glam Slam
  4. The Cross
  5. I Wish U Heaven
  6. Kiss
  7. When 2 R In Love
  8. Starfish And Coffee
  9. Raspberry Beret
  10. Condition Of The Heart
  11. Strange Relationship
  12. Let's Go Crazy
  13. When Doves Cry
  14. Purple Rain
  15. 1999
  16. Alphabet St.
  17. Erotic City
  18. Housequake
  19. Slow Love
  20. Adore
  21. Delirious
  22. Jack U Off
  23. Sister
  24. Adore part II
  25. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  26. Head
  27. When You Were Mine
  28. Blues In C (If I Had A Harem)
  29. Little Red Corvette
  30. Controversy
  31. Dirty Mind
  32. Superfunkycalifragisexy
  33. Bob George
  34. Anna Stesia

FR: 081 202-3

  • © 1988 Granada International, PRN Productions Inc.

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Laserdisc BETAMAX
  • NTSC

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  • NTSC

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  • This footage was not released on DVD.

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