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Grand Central

Grand Central was a band formed in 1972 by Prince's cousin, drummer Charles "Chazz" Smith, Prince and André Cymone, while still in high-school. They initially did not have a name, but when Terry Jackson joined they briefly went by Charles; Cousin & Friends, Phoenix, Sex Machine, finally settling for Grand Central. André Cymone's sister Linda Anderson (keyboard) and soon after William "Hollywood" Doughty (congas) joined the group. They rehearsed at Terry Jackson's house and played at local community centers, high school dances and did a couple of house parties. In 1973 drummer Charles "Chazz" Smith was replaced by Morris Day. As time went by Grand Central started playing original music. They were sometimes referred to as 'Grand Central Corporation' after Morris Day's mother started managing them. It wasn't until late in 1976, after Prince and Terry Jackson left the band that they evolved into Shampayne. They disbanded altogether in 1978

Band Members

  • Prince (guitar, keyboard, vox)
  • André Cymone (bass, vox)
  • Charles "Chazz" Smith (drums, vox), later replaced by Morris Day (drums)
  • Terry Jackson (timbales)
  • Linda Anderson (keyboard)
  • William "Hollywood" Doughty (congas)

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