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8 February, 1989 Tour Overview Tour History 12 February, 1989

Lovesexy Tour

Band   Prince (vox, guitar, piano), Sheila E. (drums, vox), Levi Seacer, Jr. (bass, vox), Miko Weaver (guitar, vox), Dr. Fink (keyboards), Boni Boyer (keyboards, vox), Eric Leeds (saxophone, flute), Atlanta Bliss (trumpet), Cat (dance, vox) File:PlaceholderStub.jpg
Guest(s)   none
10 February, 1989

Venue Kitakyushu City Gymnasium (北九州市総合体育館)

City Kitakyushu

Country Japan
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel*

Housequake It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night incl. Escape intro & Take The A-Train interpolation segues into next song
Slow Love segues into next song
Adore segues into next song
Delirious segues into next song
Jack U Off Twelve segues into next song
Sister segues into next song
Do Me, Baby Adore (coda)
Head incl. I Wanna Be Your Lover (instrumental) intro/bridge segues into next song
Girls & Boys segues into next song
A Love Bizarre Sheila E. co-lead vox
When You Were Mine 'Blues improvisation', When You Were Mine (coda) segues into next song
Little Red Corvette segues into next song
Controversy segues into next song
U Got The Look Dirty Mind bridge segues into next song
Superfunkycalifragisexy Controversy (coda)incl. Murph Drag lyrics segues into next song
Bob George
Anna Stesia
Eye No No
Lovesexy segues into next song
Glam Slam
The Cross segues into next song
I Wish U Heaven Sheila E. lead vox
Kiss segues into next song
Dance On incl. 'Transmississippi Rap' & drum solo coda
Let's Go Crazy segues into next song w/ Eric Leeds flute solo prelude}}


When Doves Cry incl. La, La, La, He, He, Hee interpolation segues into next song
Purple Rain segues into next song
Alphabet St.
   *   Guest(s) (musicians not in the regular line up for this tour or show) performing, or lead vox / solo instrument performing on this song.

segues into next song  segues into next song;  [P] partial rendition.

Show Facts
Advertised Start Time / Start Time Length Of Show Attendance/Capacity Ticket Prices

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Soundcheck Support Act(s)

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8 February, 1989 10 February, 1989 12 February, 1989
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